Dilator Introduciton
Dilator Introduciton
Dilator Introduciton

What are CUUMed’s Dilator Features?

◆ Smooth transition from dilator to sheath designed for atraumatic placement

◆ Firm, kink-resistant material

◆ The gradual taper of the distal tip designed for smooth insertion

Value-added capabilities

◆ Tip bonding

◆ Insert molding- lures, tips

 Hole-drilling & Punching

◆ Hydrophilic Coating

◆ Customized design

◆ Sheath and Dilator set

◆ Vessel Dilator

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Sheath Introduction
Sheath Introduction
Sheath Introduction

Why would you choose CUUMed’s sheath?

CUUMed offers customized sheaths to meet every customer’s unique requirements. You can choose different tubing materials, hub materials, colors, peel away sheath design, french sizes and lengths.

What are CUUMed’s Sheath Features?

Kink resistant and flexible.

Tapered tips that facilitate smooth catheter insertion and eliminate the possibility of vein injury.

Clear French size printing for identification

Smooth dilator/sheath transition

Sheath Features
Sheath Features
Sheath Features

What materials are commonly used on sheath?

Tubing: FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene)

Hub: PP (polypropylene)

What medical devices or procedures is sheath commonly used in?

Sheath is commonly used for intravascular catheter application. Particularly in central lines procedures.