• What Is Tipping / Welding Processing? 

Catheter tipping is a secondary processing that modifies a catheter's shaft or tip to meet specific requirements. This allows medical professionals to customize catheters for specific medical procedures, providing greater precision and control, and improving patient outcomes.

Catheter welding is another common secondary processing used in medical device manufacturing that involves bonding together two catheter shafts to create a single, longer catheter. This process is typically achieved using heat and pressure, which melt the catheter material and fuse the two pieces together.

  • What Options Are CUUMed Offered For Tipping / Welding Processing?
    •Material: polypropylene(PP), polyurethane(PU), polycarbonate(PC), Nylon/PEBAX, and other thermoplastics materials.
    •Catheter Size: 3-24 Fr
    •Catheter Lumen: Single / Multi-lumen
    •Shape: Customized
    •Tolerance : +/- 0.03mm 
  • What Is the Tip Geometry CUUMed can offer?

We specialize in offering a wide range of tip geometry, including conical tips, closed-end tips, neckdowns, radius tips, angle tips, lumen-specific tips, flares and flanges, soft tips etc.

  • What Medical Devices Can Tipping/Welding Apply To?

PICC, CVC, Dilator, and Foley/Ureteral Stent, etc.