Our Capabilities

We can meet your unique requirements. We specialize in medical tubing, catheter tipping and welding, hole punching and drilling, medical-grade printing, thermo-forming, medical plastic injection, and medical coating materials.

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Our Features

We can bring your concept to reality. We provide various medical catheters, such as those related to cardiology, vascular access, endovascular surgery, urology, dialysis, and orthodontics.

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Quality Policy

We supply high-quality products through ISO 13485:2016 and GMP compliance management system, and strictly controlling various production details.

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    • What Is Tipping / Welding Processing? 

    Catheter tipping is a secondary processing that modifies a catheter's shaft or tip to meet specific requirements. This allows medical professionals to customize catheters for specific medical procedures, providing greater precision and control, and improving patient outcomes.

    • What Is Injection Molding? 
    • What Optional Molding Are CUUMed Offered For Injection Molding Processing?
    • What Is A Single Lumen Catheter? 

    A single lumen has one tube, or lumen, through which fluids or gases can be administered, removed, or measured. Single-lumen catheters can be made of various materials, such as silicone or polyurethane, and they are available in different sizes and lengths to meet the needs of different patients and medical procedures.

  • braided tubing usually consists of three layers. They are inner layers, braided reinforcement and outer layer.

    By designing different braiding constructions, CuuMed can offer you a customized braid-reinforced shaft to best fit your needs.