Feb 08, 2023

[Event] 2023 Corporate video

✨Corporate video 2023✨ 

CUUMed specializes in catheter design, optimal catheter performance construction, and catheter manufacturing solution. Our engineers and technicians have experience in medical material and medical catheter fields for over twenty years. With our knowledge and expertise, we can quickly respond to customers’ product requirements and provide manufacturing solution. 

We offer professional services for a full range of product development and mass production. We have devoted product and process innovation as well as continuous quality improvement. 

Featured products and services: 

 ■ Diagnostic catheter 

 ■ Guiding catheter 

 ■ Single-use endoscope tubing & shaft 

 ■ Microcatheter 

 ■ Advanced extrusion: general medical, balloon, braided tubing 

 ■ Medical film: single/ multi-layered 

 ■ Micro injection molding 

 The video is a brief overview of our company, please check out: