How to select the best orthodontic material for your orthodontic patients?

Based on each patients' needs, we have 4 different series for you to select:

CF (comfortable series):

The series adopts medical-grade elastic material, which is easy to press or vacuum-forming and cut into shape. With proper biomechanical strength and improved crack resistance compared with ST series, it is more comfortable to wear.

For different orthodontic force, we have three different materials for you to choose from.

ST (long-lasting retention series):

Use ultra-high hardness thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material to provide an excellent stress retention rate, good tear resistance, and an obvious correction effect.

ML (multilayer compound series):

Multilayer dental coping sheets are designed according to different clinical needs, exhibit balanced biomechanical properties, and can provide physicians and patients with comprehensive options.

FN (special functional series):

Our R&D team has created a new series of drug-loading sheets and anti bruxism products, which provide a comprehensive solution for dental health care.