What makes our clear aligner material better than PETG aligner sheets?

We are proud to announce that our clear aligner material is better than others.

The material we adopt is a high-performance elastic material (TPU) specially designed for dental orthodontics. Our clear aligner material products are optimized for easy fabrication, adjustable aligning strength, high-stress retention, ductility, tear resistance, stain resistance, and transparency. Compared with general materials such as PETG, our clear aligner material products can provide better and longer orthodontic force and also be comfortable to wear through our special structure design and compounding technology. 

Dental appliances are often exposed to food oils, coffee, stains, toothpaste and mouthwashes.

Such exposure can cause many dental materials to turn yellow or discolor and structurally deteriorate.

As you can see, the table shows the result is significantly more stain resistance.