What models and specifications do you have regarding your product?

The series of CUUMed's products can be classified intoHigh Strength series (ST), Comfortable series (CF), Composite series (ML), and Functional series (FN).

Based on processing requirements, our products are categorized as dental coping sheets and dental coping rolls. For sheet products, there are five thicknesses, i.e. 0.40mm, 0.5mm, 0.63mm, 0.76mm, and 1.00mm, respectively.

For roll product, each one weighs around 20±0.5kg with a width of 137mm (special width can be ordered). The thicknesses range from0.40 mm to1.00 mm. About 1200 dental coping sheets can be punched from a roll with the thickness of 0.76mm. For the thickness of 0.40mm, about 2000 dental coping sheets can be punched out from a single roll.