Are the dental coping sheets covered with protection films?

We do not cover protection films to our products considering the following two aspects,

(1)   For film-covered products, the distance between teeth and dental coping sheet gets larger and the fitting gets worse after forming. Therefore, film-covering may not be the best choice from the viewpoint of orthodontic effect.

(2)   One important purpose of some film-covered products is to form a barrier layer between the invisible appliance and dental model to prevent uncured resin or VOC (volatile organic compounds) from adhering to the invisible appliance. It may cause the following problems: firstly, invisible appliance gets opaque because it is easily contaminated by VOC; secondly, photocuring resin tends to fracture during demoulding.

Therefore, please make sure the quality stability when choosing the photocuring resin so as not to cause the above problems. The suggested improved procedure is to perform secondary photocuring and ultrasonic cleaning to avoid contamination.

Please contact our sales representative if you have the inquiry of covering films.