Do the physical and chemical properties of your products meet dental standards? What are these specific physical and chemical properties?

The physical and chemical properties of our products are in line with dental industry standards, referring to the draft of standard YY/T XXXXX-XXXX( not finalized yet) “Dental sheet for orthodontic appliance”. Each batch of products has its UDI codes for tracing back.

The physical and chemical properties of CUUMed products are listed below.

(1)   Appearance: smooth outer surface, no visible impurities, cracks, flash, pores, or other defects.

(2)   Odor: no irritant odor.

(3)   Dimension: thickness tolerance ±0.03mm.

(4)   Abrasion resistance: mass loss ≤0.25g/1000.

(5)   Thermal stability: mass variation ≤1%.

(6)   PH: PH difference of test solution and blank solution ≤1.5.

(7)   Heavy metal content (calculated by Pb): ≤20mg/kg.

(8)   Evaporation residue: ≤2mg.

(9)  Shore hardness: 50HD.

(10)       Mechanical properties:

a)     Tensile properties

                        i.       Tensile modulus: 500MPa~2000MPa.

                       ii.       Yield tensile stress 25MPa.

                      iii.       Yield tensile strain 4%.

b)    Right-angle tearing strength 100kN/m.

c)    Tensile attenuation rate 75%.