May 17, 2021

Grand opening! New facility in Chiayi, Taiwan!

Grand opening

On May 5th , the new factory is officially opened. The Chiayi factory covers an area of about 11,000 square meters, will be certified ISO13485 and GMP this year.

This facility is planning to produce 300 thousand sets of angioplasty-related catheters yearly and 100 tons of medical film application products.

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✅高階醫用導管廠峻程 萬坪工廠落腳嘉義5大原因 (蔡騰輝)


Source: 生策會 Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry


✅醫療導管界的台積電 峻程量產心導管與腦科微創醫材 (蔡騰輝)



✅看好國內醫材市場 醫療導管大廠峻程嘉義廠房今落成 (莊祖銘)

Source: 聯合報 United Daily News

Source: 經濟日報 Economic Daily News



Source: 嘉義縣政府 新聞行銷處公共關係科 (Chiayi County Government)

Source: 中央通訊社 Central News Agency


✅峻程科技大埔美園區 啟用 (湯朝村)

Source: 中華新聞雲 (China Daily News)


✅世新新聞 峻程科技公司大林廠啟用落成 醫療科技投資嘉義

Source: TV數位有線電視 世新新聞