Microcatheter Features
Microcatheter Features
Microcatheter Features

What Features does CUUMed Microcatheter have?

  • An integrated steerable or angled tip facilitates easier penetrantion and deliverability
  • Alloy coil-containing segment with multiple PPI  presents high flexibility and kink restistance
  • High lubricious inner layer facilitates the delivery of medical devices during minimally invasive surgery
  • Customized hydrophilic coating service 

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Microcatheter Configuration
Microcatheter Configuration
Microcatheter Configuration

Standard Specification

  • OD (Fr): ‣ Distal: 1.7~2.8 ‣ Proximal: 2.5~3.0
  • ID (inch/mm): 0.016"~0.027" (0.40~0.70 mm)
  • Guide wire compatibility (inch/mm): 0.014"~0.021" (0.36~0.53 mm)

Customization Capability

  • Extrusion: Pebax, Polyurethane, Nylon
  • Braid patterns: Regular, Diamond, Half Load, Coils
  • Wire type: Round, Flat, Hybird (Round & Flat)
  • Tipping: Multi-durometer options available
  • Coating: Hydrophilic coating
  • Luer attaching: Gluing, Injection molding