What is CUUMED?

CUUMED CATHETER MEDICAL CO., LTD(峻程科技股份有限公司) was founded in 2008.

The mission statement of CUUMED is provide the catheter solution for any kinds of cathteter, we can do tipping, drilling, punching hole, thermo-forming,injecting, printing, coating and extrusion for catheter manufacturing. We can bring your ideas into reality.


Also, the products and services currently being provided by the CUUMED include precision hole punching and drilling machines for medical catheters,high-speed tip-forming/welding machines, precisionmedical extrusion systems, continuous automated coating dryers, design and manufacture of precision molds, barrel/screw sets for processing of thermoplastics materials, and specialized raw materials for medical use. 


CUUMED as anISO 13485:2016-certified, GMP-registered contract manufacturer,we focus on quality. We have strict quality system and all the process are monitored at our controlled eviroment. Our facility features a Class 10,000 clean room, as well as model and prototype assembly labs.


CUUMED support global service. We provide catheter manufactruring solution and catheter design and construction for optimal catheter perfomance. Also, CUUMED help our clients establish the catheter production line in China, Singapore, Korea, Japan, India and Turkey, etc.We provide our service anytime and anywhere.


👩‍💻For any inquries about catheter manufacturing, please send us 📧 E-mai:[email protected] or call us at 📞886-2-9011000 to speak directly to our knowledgeable sales representatives. 

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